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Meiou Translations is located in Suzhou, 30 minutes by train from Shanghai, China. Established by an elite team with years of translation experience and management experience, Meiou Translations knows well the translation process and how to screen translators and control translation quality. It is especially strong in the medical, pharmaceutical, mechanical, law, IT and tourism fields. Its business has spread throughout China, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia and Africa, providing document/website translations, escort/consecutive /simultaneous interpreting and other professional translation services in more than 100 languages such as Chinese, English, French,German, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Turkish.
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  中文(简体)中文(繁体)英语法语德语俄语日语韩语意大利语西班牙语葡萄牙语阿拉伯语泰语波兰语越南语瑞典语罗马尼亚语蒙古语捷克语斯洛伐克语etc,more than 100 languages.   医学翻译专利翻译字幕翻译个人资料翻译法律翻译财经翻译IT翻译航空翻译新闻翻译汽车翻译工程翻译广告翻译文学翻译政治翻译房地产翻译etc,translation field.   SuzhouShanghaiNanjingZJBJWXJHHZHZTZNBCQWHZHDGHFGZSZKS南通常州CD长春嘉兴衢州徐州绍兴温州ect,service location
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 Happy Mother's Day 2020/5/10
 笔译工序 2021/8/20
 Happy Mother's Day 2020/5/10
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